$25 a set of 4!!!

Ceramic Tiles:  4x4".  Can use as Coasters, Mini Easel Paintings, on a wall, or even a backsplash.  ALL tiles or sets have backing.  They are glazed, and treated to not stick.  Heat resistant, and Condensation protected.  Backing will want you to hand wash, not dishwasher.  $25 a set of 4!! 

Yes, that is inexpensive, as all sets are unique in color, and design is unique on every tile.  Every tile is unique, with same colors!!

Conversation Piece, for SURE!!

This is where you can contact me, and ask for a set to be CUSTOM MADE for you.  You pick the colors, and I do the magic!  Great local artisan work.  Match your indoor, or outdoor area with colors you pick.

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Chris Bauman Arts