LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let me help you tell a story.

One of my great abilities in my "arts" is that I can create for you, something that YOU want.  It will be custom made.  I can let you choose colors in jewelry.  I can let you choose colors in Tiles or Coasters.  I can tailor make a piece of art for you, especially FOR you.  I can do this in paintings, crafts, signs, mugs, coasters, and even performances.  And so can YOU!  The better beauty, is that I can help you to achieve what YOU want to achieve.  Do you want to learn how to make these coasters?  Do you want to be able to create a painting?  Create your own Necklace or Earrings?  Do you want to be able to stand up in front of a crowd, and entertain?  All that is missing is a little help, to show you how. 

Tell me what YOU want the Sign to say!  I'll paint it for you!  Name?  Saying?  Quote?  A saying too dirty to buy at a Store?  I can do that!! 

Sign to the right is $25 (10 x 6) wooden plank.  I can do bigger or smaller, custom made for you!  Contact me for custom size and saying.

I like Vintage things.  I love Vespas.  I can take a photo of your Harley, or Scooter, or car, and have it put on canvas, and paint it to YOUR taste!  Maybe I can do the same to your house, or favorite "thing".  Now you have a story to tell!

Above Vespas are $90 (14 x 11) on Gallery Canvas.  Photo by Gary Watson.  Contact me for custom size, and photo YOU want used, and I'll paint on it to make it pop!

Personalize a Coffee Mug!  Want a saying on a mug?  Your Name?  Your Initial(s) ?  Most mugs are only $15.  Contact me for your order!

I can do all of these things with you.  Your desire doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  You just have to want to, and I can help you there.  We each have so much inside to offer, and I'd like to help you discover that.  If this is something you want for yourself, contact me.  And, if you just like my work, then let me know!  Buy it!  You'll have a good piece of custom made art, by a local artist, that allows you to tell a story. 

I'm not a commercial artist.  I am an artisan, and I make everything you'll see UNIQUE! Want an old vintage sign, hand painted to say what YOU want?  Want certain accent pieces of art for your home?  How about a Custom Coffee Mug?  Want a "saying" painted on a wall?  Want someone's initials in a piece of jewelry?  Contact me!  I'm nice, and I'll help!


Chris Bauman Arts