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Have a staff that needs to work on Agreement, Confidence, and Teamwork?  Hire me for 2 Hours, 4 Hours, or 8 Hours.  I can specifically work with your group, to have fun, build morale, and learn how to really work together. 

Many Team Building Workshops have been taken by Major Corporations.  Do you belong to a Sales Staff?  An Office Staff?  A Service Staff?  I can help you work together!  All at the location you choose.  Please contact me for affordable rates, and we can schedule the date, time, and the area of focus that you're trying to achieve. 

You WILL have a blast!  

Why hire me?

I've been studying improvisation since 1987, where I was a founding member of the Indiana University Improv Troupe. 

My professional acting started directlly after college.  I started doing theater in Indianapolis in 1989.  I then turned my focus to Comedy, and formed my own Variety Show in 1990, where we performed sketches and musical numbers.  My agent at the time would book us to entertain at Hotels in Indiana.  I wrote my first stand up act in 1990, and entered the Jay Leno National Comedy Competition in 1991.  In my first appearance, I made it to the finals, and eventually lost to Hank McGill, who won the national competition, and got a spot on the Tonight Show.  Our paths crossed again as we starred together in the Movie "Open Mic'rs" in 2006.  From there, I took the Emcee/Host class at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis, to learn how to emcee the shows of nationally touring comics.  I continued my Stand Up career for a few years, making ends meet (not).  In 1996, I was introduced to a new, local improvisational comedy Troupe.  I had been looking for others doing improv comedy for years, as it was still quite a new arena in Indianapolis.

Since that day, I have worked professionally as a performer in Improv Comedy (over 20 years).  I have worked all over the Country.  I have also taught this art form in many forums, including Businesses, Classrooms, and Theaters.

I didn't just participate as a member of this troupe. I branched out and learned to produce and direct Long Form Improv shows.  I started a "Bed Time Stories" show with my best buddy, Jamie, called the BIvWackies.  The show was short lived, but I didn't stop.  I eventually came to be the owner, producer, director, and actor of Circle City Secrets.  This was a long form Soap Opera, that continued for many years.  The objective was to parody popular television shows, and make them about the fair city of Indianapolis.  In that time, I hired actors from the local talent pool, and we gave the city some highly successful shows, including Sex and the Circle City, The Soapranos, IPD Blue, Methodical Hospital, Beachwatch, and the Watsin's Girl Diaries, which sold out every show for 10 weeks.

During this time, I also acted in TV Commercials, performed on local morning TV news shows, and local radio shows.

Because I knew how to host/emcee, I was given opportunities to host events, like award ceremonies, etc...I have considerable experience in this, because I am a professional improvisor, and am able to taylor make presentations to fit the needs of any occasion.

Painting Classes Indianapolis

I have a wealth of experience to show anyone the simplest ways to learn, and improve the Improv Experience.  Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned veteran to Improv, let me show you how to improve.  I can help you nail an audition to a group with whom you'd like to perform, or teach you how to start your own group.  Because, as important, there is also a recipe for selling your show, your talent.  I can help there as well.

You may contact me to see what classes are coming up, and get yourself into one.  Improv has been proven to help you with your confidence in front of people.  I also have the knowledge to put a curriculum together for a Team Building Workshop for your group or staff.  Contact me for affordable rates.

Just need to hire some Talent?

Don't need a teacher?  Just need to hire some Talent?  Hire me.  I am available as an Emcee/Host.  I am available for industrial film.  I am available as an Improvisor.  I have a Comedy Troupe that can do a show for you!  We are Called ImprovAbilities.  We can do long form or short form, and we always put the best talent together.  We have performed in theaters, churches, comedy clubs, and private clubs.  We'll even taylor make a show about YOU! 

Team Building Workshops (Business Groups)

Improv 301

My Acting and Comedy Career

Advanced Class:  Let's put a show together.  Let's add some styles and genres to your tuned scene and object work.  We'll work on Short form games, by team, and competition games.  We'll ensure we're capturing the essence of what makes a scene great, using some simple guidelines to games that are played all over the world.  A showcase will follow this class, where you will perform a 60 minute show, with me on stage to assist.  Invite your family and friends to see YOU perform!

Beginners class:  Introduction to Improv Comedy.  Learn the basics of improv, through Agreement, Scene Work, and Object work.  Learn some Short Form games and exercises.  Classes for children, or adults.  Contact me for upcoming classes.  Usually 5-6 weeks, at $100 person.  A showcase will follow this class, where you will perform a 60 minute show, with me on stage to assist.  Invite your family and friends to see YOU perform!

Improv 201


Improv 101


Intermediate Class:  Delve harder into Short Form games, while learning to build a scene, through conflict and resolution.  Tighten up Object Work and Scene Work.  A showcase will follow this class, where you will perform a 60 minute show, with me on stage to assist.  Invite your family and friends to see YOU perform!

  • Scene Work 
  • Object Work 
  • Starting a Scene
  • Gibberish
  • Short Form Games
  • Long Form:  Harold. Armando. Montage, Character Run, Road Trip...Etc.

Contact me for scheduling.  Very inexpensive, and many are free, as I try to give back on my 20 yeas experience.