Custom Made Jewelry.  Necklace/Pendants.  Earrings.  

Chris Bauman Arts


All Jewelry is custom made.  Choose a necklace/pendant in Black or Silvery chain.  All have lobster clasp, with a mini painting inside of each, with a glass button (Cabochon) on top.  Each mini painting is carefully made for you.  You may also add an Initial to show off.  Earrings are brass or silvery, with same button on top, with mini painting inside.  Every piece of jewelry is UNIQUE!  Not another one like it.  See below for examples.  Order a numbered item, or contact me for initials, and type of chain wanted (black, antique silver), or earrings (brass, antique silver).

Remember.  You can ask for type of chain color.  You can also ask for an Initial to be on top of the mini painting!  $20 for any piece is a great deal for 1 of a kind jewelry.  It'll give you a story to tell.

$20 each

You too, can make these for yourself.  For pieces to purchase, simply click below, to contact me.  For rates on an event to make your own with friends, contact me on link below.