Prints of these paintings are available upon request.  Most prints are only $35 - $250, depending on size needed.  All will be printed on a Gallery Canvas wrap.  If they are very large, like the Indy 500, I can print on a piece of heavy duty poster paper, ready to be framed.   Don't forget! Any print on 8x10 Glossy Photo Paper is only $20!

Chris Bauman Arts

Like what you see here?  Let me help you tell a story!

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Some of these paintings were made before I was diagnosed with RA.  Some are after.  Can you tell which ones?

These are all original paintings, but ALL are available at a smaller price for Prints.  I can make prints on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, on poster paper, or even small prints on Glossy Photo Paper.  Most larger prints are available for $35 - $250, on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.  Small, glossy photo prints on an 8 x 10 paper are generally only $20 - $25.  Great for framing!  All will be signed by me.

I have a love of color, and a love of humor in most of my paintings, although all are not just Abstracts.  I've been known to make a painting of people's homes as well.

You can see the title, size and price of all the paintings to the right.  Just click inside and find what you like.  All are using acrylic paints, and a few are photos converted to paintings on a canvas wrap. 

A lot of my works are considered "Spirit Scapes".  Frankly, improvisation has a way of finding it's way into a lot of my paintings as well. Some of them, I even wonder "How the hell did I do that?"  Something comes from inside at times, and leaves me simply "allowing" the painting to develop.  Yes, you can see some experimentation in some pieces.  Some seem to be honoring a Jackson Pollack method. 

Some pieces have even been experimented as a "reverse painting".  What I mean, is that I take a piece of glass for a canvas, and paint backwards, so that when it is turned around, you don't feel the paint, you only see it on the other side, coming through.  This means that I have to do it all backwards, with highlights going first, and background last.

Some pieces, especially now, with such RA pain, are devoted to acrylic "pouring".  This has been my newest venture as I type this.  I find the colors I want, mix a recipe that I have finally perfected, and pour it on the "canvas of choice".  It allows for quite a bit of improvisation, yet I can control some flow with a hair dryer, a straw that I can blow through, and a blow torch.  I can tilt the paint flow, or even spin the canvas.  I continue to work on new methods in this technique, which I've studied over the past year.

Pouring has started to become my way, with the pain that I continue to battle every day.  What can I do next?  What can I add?  Stay tuned to see what I can progress in this technique. 

Again, if there is something you like, let me know. We can figure out the best price for you, be it an original painting, or an original print, in the size you prefer.