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Rainbow Tree.  Easy to teach, and everyone  loves the outcome.

Prefer to learn Acrylic Pouring Techniques?  Prefer to make your own jewelry?  We can do that too!  Just contact me and we'll make a plan.  You can keep what you create. I supply the materials.  Have a book club or something similar that you'd like to make interactive in the Arts?  Let me know!  You can make a piece of art yourself, in whichever medium is more fun for you!  Classes or Workshops available in Painting, Acrylic Pouring, Jewelry, and Coffee Mugs!  I'm sure we can find a smaller rate for Pouring, Jewelry, and Ceramic Mugs!  Just contact me.

Painting Classes Indianapolis

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Winter Tree.  Just a recreation of painting above.  Client wanted Orange to match living room.  I know, orange living room?  OK!

Want to learn how to paint these?? I can show you in about 2 hours.  We get creative, and let you choose the colors you want, or as you see these.  Grab a friend for a discounted rate, just like "Cocktail and Canvas".  I provide supplies.  Makes a great gift for yourself or another.  You keep your painting!  Questions, contact me.  At $35 a person, you have fun AND create a painting of your own! New painting ideas always coming.  Check back often for additions, or make a suggestion.  We can always check it out!  These are way better than a commercial franchise painting that makes your painting look like a 6th Grader did it.  Sorry, but it's true.  Look for yourself!  I am happy to host you, and can travel to your space.  Not limited to Indianapolis.  I will drive a longer distance for a small fee (gas).  I'm also a professional entertainer, so expect to have some fun and laughter.  And LEARN the easy way!  Contact me with questions.  We can work it out!  Remember, classes available for Jewelry, Acrylic Pouring Techniques, and Ceramic Mugs/Bowls as well, at a lesser rate.

Winter Trees.  We can do this in black and white, as in winter, then add an odd color tree to pop out.  We can use any color, but different is more fun!