Chris Bauman Arts

Album Clocks!!!  $25-$60. 

Vintage albums, of artist you choose!  If you have the albums, and want me to turn it into a clock, it's cheaper.  I have Michael Jackson, Aretha, Prince, Beatles, and most popular vinyl records ready now. You also get the cover, if you want to frame it below the art!

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Let me help you tell a story.

Turn some heads with your favorite artist's vinyl album, transformed into  bowls/trays/soundboxes!  $25  Features vintage albums, pressed into hangers of art, or used as bowls/trays.  How about a longer, deeper vinyl album as a soundbox?  Just drop your smart phone into the deep bowl, and your sound is now MULTIPLIED! 

All are vintage, including jazz, rock, folk, country, classical, theatrical, etc....

Are you a musician?  A music collector?  Just a music lover?  Prefer vinyl?  Have a studio?  Add some art to your collection.  Have a story!  Each is Unique!


I've always been a fan of vintage vinyl.  My health doesn't always allow me to be able to paint with a brush for long periods.  But, my love of music and art, inspired me to try using Albums as a Canvas.  I can create one for you, with colors you choose, for an easy $20.  You can buy what's here, or ask me to use certain colors, and we can see what we come up with!  I paint on 1 side, and all ready to hang through the center hole.  Don't worry, I'll send you the album sleeve it goes to as well!! 

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